UN chief attacked in Gaza; Syria ponders massacre; leaders’ chefs cook for peace and more

UN chief attacked in Gaza; Syria ponders massacre; leaders' chefs cook for peace and more

  • Today is the 30-year anniversary of the Hama massacre, the brutal end to the last major uprising in Syria, whose spirit is looming over the current uprising. Meanwhile, the UN is struggling to come to a consensus on the applicability of the “R2P” (responsibility to protect) doctrine to Syria in the wake of the doctrine’s first real application: the intervention in Libya. (APHuffPo)



  • Stanley Fischer, the governor of Israel’s Central Bank, highlighted the issue of the low workforce participation from Israel’s Arab and ultra-orthodox Jewish populations. (Tablet)



  • A delegation from the Chefs of the Heads of State group, including chefs from the White House, the Chancellery of Germany, the Kremlin and the Ellysee Palace, is preparing a gala dinner in Israel called “Cooking for Peace”. (JTA)


  • A rare co-ed school in Afghanistan, even more rare as it is being run by impoverished rural Afghanis and is currently without independent support. Most Afghani schools are run by hardline Wahabbi Islamists. (HuffPo)

Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz