More on Israel’s growing ties with China

More on Israel's growing ties with China

In a quick followup to Sharyn Mittelman’s recent blog on the growing numbers of international students who are coming to study in Israel and learn how Israelis innovate,

the China Daily is the latest newspaper to run a story about this phenomenon, highlighting that China’s growing ties with Israel are becoming more public within China and that more Chinese are starting to sit up and take notice of the benefits of the relationship.

According to the story, Israel is investing in luring Chinese students, while a reciprocal level of interest is growing among Israeli students to study Chinese and open a new chapter in Israel’s relationships with China.

Constrained by the global financial crisis, Europe and the United States are cutting their education budgets for international students.
Israel, however, is looking for more promising Chinese students like Zhong. Each year, 100 million shekels ($26.13 million) is expected to be invested in attracting Chinese students.

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Ahron Shapiro