AIJAC statement on Gaza escalation

Media Release


AIJAC (Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council) stands with Israel today, as the country endures intense rocket, mortar and missile attack from the Gaza Strip.

“Hamas bears full responsibility for this escalation, which has seen Israel withstand persistent and increasing rocket attacks on its towns, villages and cities, including Beersheva, and last night, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other population centres in Israel’s heartland,” AIJAC’s Executive Director Colin Rubenstein said.

“For weeks, Israel has acted with incredible restraint, in an effort to de-escalate the situation and restore calm to the area,” he added.

“The Israeli government sent a clear message: If the rockets stop, Israel will stop responding to them. Unfortunately, Hamas chose a path of war, escalating the violence overnight with raids in air, on land and sea on Israeli territory.

“No country would tolerate these kinds of attacks on its citizens, and Israel is no exception. Israel will defend itself. Hamas must put an end to attacks on Israel emanating from territory under its control immediately, and unconditionally.”


Dr. Colin Rubenstein AM
Executive Director

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