Negotiation is the only path to sustainable peace

Negotiation is the only path to sustainable peace

ABC “The Drum” – August 13, 2013

The idea that peace can successfully be imposed on the Middle East through an “impartial” body like the UN demonstrates a misunderstanding of history and diplomacy, writes Or Avi-Guy.

Reactions to the current talks between Israel and the Palestinians in Washington have been expectedly mixed. Many are sceptical that any real progress can be made, with some cynics even questioning the motivations and underlying intentions of the parties. Yet some are, for good reasons, cautiously optimistic.

Just as varied are the envisaged outcomes that commentators, analysts and different advocates promote. But not all of the words of advice and suggestions made by the global punditry are helpful, productive or even practical.

Eulalia Han’s recent article on The Drum

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