Dubai killing and Australia’s UN voting

Dubai killing and Australia's UN voting


March 1, 2010

1. Dubai

Mark Leibler, National Chairman and Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council said today “Following the death of the terrorist Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai, there has been considerable discussion relating to the identity of individuals alleged to have killed this senior HAMAS figure.

“In Australia, there has been concern expressed that some Australian passports were forged or otherwise misused, and it is clear that no one condones actions undermining the integrity of Australian passports.

“It is entirely appropriate for the Australian Government to conduct a thorough investigation through the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. Until the conclusion of investigations it is inappropriate to comment in a way which predetermines their conclusions.”

2. UN Vote

Australia made its stance on the corrupt Goldstone process abundantly clear in its UN vote in November. The February 26 2010 Resolution, on which Australia abstained, did not endorse the Goldstone Report but rather called for Israel and “the Palestinian side” to conduct thorough and credible investigations, which Israel is doing now as it has done consistently.

There is no reason to question the statement by Foreign Minister Stephen Smith that the vote was in no way influenced by extraneous events such as the Dubai inquiries.

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