AIJAC welcomes new Australian sanctions on Iran

Media Release


AIJAC’s National Chairman Mark Leibler AC today said that AIJAC supports and welcomes the federal government’s decision to extend sanctions against the Iranian government over its nuclear program, announced by Foreign Minister Stephen Smith last week.

“AIJAC believes that the newly announced Australian measures which adopt Europe’s enhanced sanctions, and other sanctions outside the UN framework,  are  necessary if there is to be any prospect of resolving the Iranian nuclear crisis peacefully,” he said. “The alternative would be to leave the international community with the terrible choice of having to either accept Iran having illegally-obtained nuclear weapons, or use military force.”

Mr. Leibler also said that AIJAC understands the government’s decision not to proceed with legal action against Iranian President Ahmadinejad for incitement to genocide. He stated that “While such legal action is legally and morally justified given Ahmadinejad’s repeated appalling statements, pursuing legal action was always going to be complex and uncertain. Moreover, even if legal efforts were to be pursued, the primary effort right now must be centred on diplomatic, financial and economic sanctions.

“If the government’s legal advice says such a legal effort against Ahmadinejad is currently impractical, we accept that decision,” Mr. Leibler concluded.

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