AIJAC welcomes Australian support for further sanctions on Iran

AIJAC welcomes Australian support for further sanctions on Iran

Media Release

AIJAC welcomes the announcement by Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd that Australia will be pursuing additional sanctions against Iran, including measures that will “further restrict business with Iran’s petroleum and financial sectors.”

Hopefully, these measures will, when enacted, bring Australia into line with the international consensus developing, which includes the US, EU and Canada, that, in the wake of the latest IAEA report on Iran’s illegal nuclear program, the time has come to bring the maximum diplomatic/economic pressures on the Iranian regime before it is too late.

In AIJAC’s view, only the immediate implementation of the most severe sanctions possible, genuinely threatening Iran’s clerical rulers’ ability to cling to power, and backed up by a credible threat of military action, can now hope to prevent a fatal choice between the catastrophe of a nuclear Iran or the grave risks associated with a military strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

Dr. Colin Rubenstein

Executive Director, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council