AIJAC welcomes Australia’s vote on ‘Durban III’ conference

Media Release


Dr. Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director of the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council said today, “AIJAC welcomes the December 24 vote by Australia at the UN against the ‘Durban III’ conference. The vote adds to Australia’s long and proud history of acting against racism.”

The Durban III conference, scheduled to be held in New York in September, is a continuation of the series of conferences began in Durban in 2001 purportedly against racism. Both previous conferences have unfairly singled out Israel as a racist country.

Australia declined to attend the 2010 Durban II conference, and also voted against the Durban III conference during the committee stage, moves which AIJAC welcomed at the time.

Australia’s joined 21 other countries in voting against the conference. Thirty-three abstained, and 104 voted for it.

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