AIJAC leaders meet with Prime Minister Scott Morrison

(Left to Right): Mark Leibler, PM Scott Morrison, Colin Rubenstein, Solomon Lew

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council’s (AIJAC) National Chairman Mark Leibler, Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein and longstanding supporter Solomon Lew met with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison this afternoon.

The meeting, which lasted almost an hour, canvassed in detail  a broad range of international affairs, including Australia-Israel and Australia-US ties, Middle East peace prospects, Australian policy toward the Iranian nuclear deal, and also developments in Southeast Asia and especially Indonesia and the importance of its ties to Australia. Also touched on were several domestic issues, including counter-terrorism policy in Australia and the region, the government’s approach to non-governmental schools, including Jewish schools,  and the accountability of Australia’s public broadcasters.

AIJAC National Chairman Mark Leibler expressed AIJAC’s sincere appreciation to the Prime Minister for his time, his willingness to hear AIJAC’s concerns and for the very constructive and friendly spirit which prevailed at the meeting.

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