AIJAC expresses concern about allegations of appalling antisemitism at Brighton Secondary College

Media Release


The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is extremely concerned about the serious allegations of appalling antisemitism over a number of years at Brighton Secondary College.

“What makes these accounts even more disturbing are allegations that staff not only failed to halt the antisemitic bullying, but participated in it, and that the concerns of the parents were allegedly ignored when taken to the principal and the Department of Education,” noted AIJAC Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein.

“We welcome the investigation that the Minister for Education James Merlino has announced. We urge him to ensure that it is conducted with the thoroughness and urgency warranted by the seriousness of the allegations, especially given this is not the first time very serious allegations of this nature have surfaced. We also request that the alleged victims and their families are kept informed, as Mr Merlino has undertaken, and that if the allegations are upheld, very strong action is taken.

“It’s crucial to send an unequivocal message that antisemitism is totally unacceptable and there will be zero tolerance for it,” Dr Rubenstein concluded.

For additional information, contact AIJAC on (03)-9681-6660.