AIJAC congratulates Ed Husic, deplores bigotry

AIJAC congratulates Ed Husic

AIJAC Chairman Mark Leibler and Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein have extended their congratulations to Ed Husic MP, on his appointment as Parliamentary Secretary and on his decision to take his Oath of Office on The Koran, while deploring the bigotry and intolerance his elevation has attracted from some quarters.

Adding his hearty “Mazal tov, AIJAC’s Director of International and of Community Affairs Jeremy Jones said today, “Ed is well known to many within the Jewish community in Sydney and is very highly regarded.”

“His personal story is both inspiring and a tribute to Australian Multiculturalism and I am disgusted that there are bigots who appear to be blaming Ed’s hard work and great personality for their lack of success and happiness”, Mr Jones added.