AIJAC congratulates Coalition and Morrison on their re-election

Media Release


AIJAC congratulates Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the entire Coalition on their most impressive re-election. Prime Minister Morrison and his parliamentary team have provided much-appreciated support for the Australian Jewish community in the face of a global resurgence in antisemitism and upheld the shared values and interests we have with Israel as it confronts so many regional challenges.

Across a range of critical issues, PM Morrison has shown true global leadership by making principled decisions that provide moral and political support for Israel and which recognise the fundamental truth that Israel is not the main impediment to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Particularly noteworthy has been PM Morrison’s record on Australia’s voting stance at the UN against outrageously biased anti-Israel resolutions and his recognition of the obvious fact that west Jerusalem has been Israel’s capital since 1949, in the face of local and international opposition. We also commend his decision to embrace the mutual benefits presented by deepening Australia’s ties with Israel by opening a defence and trade office in west Jerusalem this year.

We look forward to working with PM Morrison and his colleagues for the benefit of Australia and wish the government strength and courage in the coming term.

We also congratulate Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and his team for a hard-fought although ultimately unsuccessful campaign. The Labor Party under Bill Shorten’s leadership has consistently shown solid support for the Jewish community and an unequivocal recognition of the deep and abiding ties Australia has shared with the State of Israel for many decades. We are confident that going forward the Labor Party will maintain Australia’s bipartisan stance on Israel.

AIJAC would also like to acknowledge and express our gratitude to the many friends among the members who have either retired or been unsuccessful in securing a seat in Parliament.

Dr Colin Rubenstein, Executive Director, AIJAC