AIJAC condemns latest Hamas rocket attacks on Israel

A picture taken from the Gaza Strip on May 4, 2019 shows rockets being launched toward Israel (MAHMUD HAMS / AFP)

Media Release


In the wake of the nearly 700 rockets fired into Israel over the weekend, killing 4 and injuring dozens of Israelis, the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) today condemned Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad for their “callous, obscene contempt for human life” and “overt opposition to peace and human rights”, while also pointing a finger at Iran for its cynical manipulation of events to foster its own imperial ambitions.

“Once again, these terrorist organisations have both killed and wounded innocent Israeli civilians and been responsible for death and suffering amidst the people they purport to lead.

“All fair-minded people will stand with Israel, as that country endures the largest barrage of rocket, mortar and missile attacks from the Gaza Strip since the 2014 Gaza War.

“Hamas bears full responsibility for this escalation, which has already cost the lives of at least four Israeli civilians and injured dozens more, during intense rocket barrages on its towns, villages and cities, including Beersheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod and others,” AIJAC’s Executive Director Colin Rubenstein said.

“Furthermore, Hamas’ cowardly targeting of an Israeli civilian vehicle with a Kornet anti-tank missile shows the extent to which the terror group is prepared to go in order to further escalate the situation.

“The increased role of the Iranian-backed Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the flow of Iranian money to fuel Gaza’s war machine further exposes Iran’s role behind the scenes in igniting this escalation.

“While attempts are being made to orchestrate a ceasefire, with Israel having no desire to continue a conflict it never sought, there should be no doubt that there can be no rewarding of Hamas or Islamic Jihad for initiating this violence. Israel will defend itself. Hamas must put an end to attacks on Israel emanating from territory under its control immediately, and unconditionally,” he concluded.

For additional information, contact Dr. Colin Rubenstein on 03-9681-6660.