AIJAC cautiously welcomes proposals for new anti-terror laws

Media Release


MELBOURNE – The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) declared its support for the concept of toughening state and Commonwealth anti-terrorism laws. National Chairman Mark Leibler AC, and Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein stated:

The democratic world is confronted by a war launched by a global jihadist movement that wishes to establish a new caliphate that would impose upon the world a Taliban-style regime. And these radical Islamic terrorists view the deliberate slaughter of the innocent as a legitimate means to pursue that goal. Political liberty is absolute, and in times of threat Australian democracy is entitled to defend itself against those who are working to destroy it.

Leibler and Rubenstein stressed that any new anti-terrorism legislation must incorporate the principle of independent judicial oversight in order to prevent the misuse and abuse of strengthened powers. They also welcomed the government’s willingness to consider a ‘sunset clause’ for this legislation.

Leibler and Rubenstein stressed that these are not normal circumstances. “Tough times demand tough measures,” they said:

We believe that it is possible to implement effective measures to protect the security and integrity of Australia’s multicultural democracy that do not unduly erode the civil liberties that we value and cherish. We look forward to studying the details of the government’s proposed legislation when it becomes available for in-depth scrutiny.

For additional information, contact Dr. Colin Rubenstein on (03)-9681-6660.