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Pressuring Syria/Syria and Iran

Pressuring Syria/Syria and Iran Categories: Iran, Syria, Updates    

This Update looks at policy options, as well as the potential benefits and costs, for Western governments seeking to pressure  Syria's Assad regime as the protests in Syria continue to spread and the death toll continues to mount. The opening entry is an editorial from the Ne

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Sectarian Explosion beginning in Syria?

Sectarian Explosion beginning in Syria? Categories: Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria, Turkey, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

The situation in Syria took an even graver turn yesterday. As the ruling Assad regime continues to brutalise dissenting citizens, some Syrians appear to be lashing out at the regime's minority Alawite sect. In retaliation, several Allawites went on a rampage of their own. Nada Bakri reports in The N

AIJAC UPDATE - How the 2011 flotilla flopped/The controversial "anti-boycott" law

AIJAC UPDATE - How the 2011 flotilla flopped/The controversial "anti-boycott" law Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Lebanon, Palestinians, Syria, Turkey, United Nations, Updates    

AIJAC's latest email Update looks at why and how the 2011 Gaza flotilla gambit fizzled out. In contrast to 2010's headline-grabbing political stunt that acted as a Trojan Horse for the Turkish Islamist IHH charity resulting in needless deaths and injuries, this was no replay.

Assad's carte blanche is hurting Syrians

Assad's carte blanche is hurting Syrians Categories: Iran, Libya, Syria, United States, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

While ruminating yesterday on the US's decision to intervene in Libya, Middle East scholar Barry Rubin gave several insights as to why the West would choose Libya to attack rather than Syria. The assessement, unfortunately, is not particularly flattering for our leaders: I would suggest that t

Déjà vu in Hama and Across Syria

Déjà vu in Hama and Across Syria Categories: Middle East, Syria, Updates     Author: Geoffrey Levin

In February 1982, over 29 years ago, Syria's President Hafez Assad sent his younger brother to ‘deal with' an uprising in a Sunni-majority city called Hama. Between 10,000 and 30,000 civilians died, killed for attempting to topple the Alawite dictator that reigned for over a decade. Today his

The IAEA: countering proliferation at its convenience Categories: Syria, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Four long years after Syria's alleged nuclear program came to a sudden halt due to an [alleged] Israeli air strike, the international community is taking the Assad regime to task. As AP reports, the International Atomic Energy Agency has referred the program to the UN Security Council an

Hezbollah and the Hariri Tribunal

Hezbollah and the Hariri Tribunal Categories: Lebanon, Syria, Updates    

This Update focuses on the impact of the unsealing of four indictments for Hezbollah members late last week by the UN's Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL), investigating the 2005 murder for former Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri. We lead with an analysis and backgrounder by Prof. Willi

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