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Essay: The Soldier and the Lawyer Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Col. Richard Kemp CBE

In the type of conflict that the Israeli Defence Forces recently fought in Gaza and in Lebanon, and Britain and America are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, these age-old confusions and complexities are made one hundred times worse by the fighting policies and techniques of the enemy.

Hiding from the Truth Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Jonathan D. Halevi

On September 15, 2009, the UN investigating commission known as the Goldstone Commission published its conclusions regarding Israel's Gaza operation (Dec. 27, 2008-Jan. 18, 2009), accusing Israel of violating both international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, and committing war crimes.

Scribblings: Goldstone's Overreach Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

There is one positive aspect of the ridiculous, yet still highly destructive Goldstone Report into Gaza instigated by the notoriously biased UN Human Rights Council. It went so far in accepting at face value the claims of Palestinian witnesses controlled by Hamas, and NGOs with dedicated political a

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Editorial: A Great Leap Backwards Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Colin Rubenstein

No one was surprised that the Goldstone Report, released Sept. 15, strongly condemned Israel, and was riddled with demonstrable falsehoods and blatant bias. After all, one of the mission's investigators, London School of Economics Professor Christine Chinkin, declared Israel guilty of war crimes eve

The Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu Meeting Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

Today's Update examines Tuesday's Obama-Abbas-Netanyahu meeting ahead of the annual UN General Assembly talkfest. Opinion about the meeting, from the Israeli left and right as well as the Palestinians has been one of near universal cynicism.

Essay: Neighbourhood Spat Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Nadav Shragai

An Israeli plan to build 20 housing units in the Shepherd Hotel compound in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem has added a new dimension to an already complex dispute between the Obama Administration and Israel over continued construction in eastern Jerusalem.


Real Numbers Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Ben-Dror Yemini

Every week new reports are published on the number of civilians killed in the Gaza Strip during Operation Cast Lead. Again and again, Israel is blamed for "disproportionate casualties among civilians."

Islamist vs. Islamist Categories: Islamic Extremism, Palestinians     Author: Jonathan Kay

It says something about the politically pathologised state of Palestinian society that Hamas - itself a murderous Islamist terrorist group bent on Israel's destruction - found an even crazier group to fight with in mid-August.

A Victory For Abbas Categories: Palestinians     Author: Mohammed Yaghi

On Aug. 10, Fatah concluded its Sixth Congress, the first in 20 years. Although media attention has focused on some of the summit's disturbing pronouncements, significant political developments also occurred.

"Economic peace" and the two-state resolution Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

This Update leads with some pieces on the improving economic situation in the West Bank, and how this relates to Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu's idea for "economic peace" - accompanying peace talks with efforts to improve the concrete economic and security situation in the West Bank.

Fatah's General Conference Categories: Palestinians, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

As this Update goes out, the Fatah movement, which has dominated Palestinian politics for close to 50 years, is holding its first General Conference in two decades in Bethlehem.

A Workable Peace Plan Categories: Israel, Palestinians     Author: Barry Rubin

Israel has put forward a serious peace plan which deserves international support from anyone sincerely wanting to solve the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab-Israeli conflict.

Settlement Freeze Tag Categories: Israel, Palestinians, United States     Author: Michael Doran

American presidents have been trying to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict since the days of Truman. Sooner or later, every one of them has learned a harsh lesson about the limits of American influence.

Scribblings: Reductio ad Absurdum Categories: Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, United States     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

So the US position comes down to this: the Israeli government must actively discriminate against Jews, including non-Israeli Jews, when it comes to making decisions about private building permits in all of east Jerusalem - more than half of Israel's capital - even when this could have no conceivable

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Latest Gaza Lawfare Categories: Israel, Palestinians, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

This Update deals with the problems relating to the latest "investigations" coming out of the UN and NGO community concerning the Gaza conflict early this year - and especially the Goldstone inquiry set up by the UN Human Rights Council.

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