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Noted and Quoted - May 2017 Categories: Australasia, Israel, Media/ Academia, Middle East    

An SBS TV "World News" (March 30) report from Greg Dyett was marked by its lack of context. Reporting on the March 29 Arab League summit in Jordan backing the 2002 Arab peace initiative, Dyett said it "calls for a complete Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian territories." Viewers weren't told the

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Syria strike sends global message

Syria strike sends global message Categories: Middle East, Russia, Syria, United States     Author: Amos Yadlin and Assaf Orion

On the level of the world powers, the US attack demonstrated Trump's willingness to employ military force independently for the purpose of upholding international norms and enforcing previous resolutions, even after Russia and China vetoed a resolution in the Security Council in this regard.

Know Thine Enemy

Know Thine Enemy Categories: Islamic Extremism, Middle East     Author: Eran Lerman

With President Trump's administration now busily dismantling much of what his predecessor left behind, it is more important than ever to proceed from a clear identification of adversary forces. "Know thine enemy" is an ancient strategic precept that has been largely been forgotten in recent years. T

Scribblings: A pro-Palestinian reporter encounters the "ethnic cleansing solution"

Scribblings: A pro-Palestinian reporter encounters the "ethnic cleansing solution" Categories: Israel, Media/ Academia, Middle East, Palestinians, United States     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

I have often written about the apparent preference among many Palestinians for something I describe as the "ethnic cleansing" solution. This is an alternative to both the conventional two-state resolution, or even the "one-state solution". This "solution" demands not only a single Palestinian state

Freedom in the World 2017: Israel a leader in a dismal and worsening Middle East region

Freedom in the World 2017: Israel a leader in a dismal and worsening Middle East region Categories: China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Updates     Author: Shmuel Levin

The US based Freedom House think-tank has released the initial findings of its annual Freedom in the World report. The report analyses the state of political and civil freedoms, as well as the state of governance frameworks, in each country around the world, based upon a "combination of on-the-groun

Biblio File: The Philosopher

Biblio File: The Philosopher Categories: Antisemitism, Islamic Extremism, Israel, Middle East     Author: Ben Cohen

Bernard-Henri Lévy, France's leading public intellectual, has a new book, The Genius of Judaism - perhaps the fullest expression yet of his commitment to the Jewish faith, Jewish culture, and the continued flourishing of the State of Israel. Newly-returned from the Iraqi city of Mosul, where

Europa Europa: French Follies

Europa Europa: French Follies Categories: Europe, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians     Author: Douglas Davis

There is no doubt that France was an enthusiastic player in the colonial era... There are few signs that France has found a role for itself in the new international environment. Or that it has learned to cope with its five-million-strong Muslim population. Little wonder, then, that it has resorted t

Editorial: A Change in Washington Categories: Israel, Middle East, United States     Author: Colin Rubenstein

While President Trump has unarguably been a polarising figure, it's crucial to divorce oneself from the rancour of the campaign and take stock of Trump's positions on Israel and the Middle East, as well as the team he has assembled for key cabinet and diplomatic positions. In doing so, we can find

A Refugee Problem with a Message

A Refugee Problem with a Message Categories: Israel, Middle East, Palestinians     Author: Einat Wilf & Adi Schwartz

Anyone who wants to understand why the conflict between the Zionist movement and the Palestinian Arabs has been going on for over 100 years won't find the answer in learned discussions of the question as to whether a quarter, a third or half of the Arabs were expelled during the 1948 War of Independ

Letter from a Forgotten Jew

Letter from a Forgotten Jew Categories: International Jewry, Middle East     Author: David Harris

I am a forgotten Jew. My roots are nearly 2,600 years old, my ancestors made landmark contributions to world civilisation, and my presence was felt from North Africa to the Fertile Crescent - but I barely exist today. You see, I am a Jew from the Arab world.

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