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Iran's rejection of the uranium deal/ Iran's unpopular regime Categories: Iran, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

This Update looks at the state of the P+1 (US, Russia, China, Britain, France. Germany) group's negotiations with Iran, and especially the apparent de facto rejection by Iran of the major deal on offer - which would take some Iranian uranium out of the country to be enriched for purely civilian use

Iran's protest movement Categories: Iran, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

Today's Update focuses on the ongoing, though under-reported, opposition movement in Iran. Six months have passed since the fraudulent election that saw Iranian incumbent president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 'win' a new-term.

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Khamenei vs. Khomeini Categories: Iran     Author: Ali Reza Eshraghi

The opposition is going straight to the source in their search for legitimacy, accusing Khamenei of disrespecting Khomeini's legacy and claiming Khomeini's mantle for itself.

Swedish libels / Iranian cabinet choices Categories: Iran, Israel, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

This Update focuses on two stories making headlines in Israel for the last couple of days; the story in a Swedish newspaper alleging that Israel harvests Palestinian organs, and the appointment as Iranian defence minister of a man wanted in Argentina on terrorism related charges.

Sanctions next for Iran? Categories: Iran, Updates     Author: AIJAC staff

According to Israeli sources - reporting on the recent visit to Israel of a high level team from Washington - officials in the administration are starting to lose hope that a substantive dialogue with Iran will occur and will resolve the nuclear issues, and the Administration is starting to think ab

The Last Word: Unspeakable Cruelty Categories: Australasia, Iran, Islamic Extremism     Author: Jeremy Jones

When speaking with a leader of the Baha'i community in Australia recently, our conversation inevitably turned to events in Iran. In May 2008, seven leaders of this community were seized from their families, imprisoned and faced allegations of grave seriousness. For 15 months, there have been regular

After the Earthquake in Iran Categories: Iran, Israel     Author: Amotz Asa-El

The good news is that 30 years on, the Islamist Revolution is finally on the defensive. The bad news is that even the crisis in Iran has so far failed to produce a Western treatment plan for the Middle East's many ailments.

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