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Decision Point

Decision Point Categories: Iran, Israel     Author: Michael Herzog

Israelis agree that Iran's nuclear program must be stopped, and their debate regarding a strike's cost-effectiveness, urgency, and impact on relations with the United States is coming to a head. With the heat of the summer has come an unprecedented flare-up in Israel's public debate on whether and

Scribblings: Abetting Iran at NAM Categories: Australasia, Iran, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

It is very disappointing to read reports that Australia has announced it plans to send two senior Australian diplomats to Teheran to participate as "guests" in the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) conference there from August 26 through 31. This forum is being exploited by the Iranian regime to gain suppo

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Israel's deliberations on Iran military strike

Israel's deliberations on Iran military strike Categories: Iran, Israel, Updates    

This Update deals with the currently very intense discussion in Israel about the possibility of a military strike on Iran's nuclear program, as sparked by reports in the Israeli press last week that said that PM Binyamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Ehud Barak were close to making

If Assad falls...

If Assad falls... Categories: Iran, Lebanon, Middle East, Syria     Author: Michael Totten

Short of regime change in Teheran, the overthrow of Assad is the worst thing that can happen to the Iranian government and to Hezbollah. Iran will lose its only ally in the Arab world, and Hezbollah will lose one of only two patrons and its entire overground logistics network. Scud missiles and othe

Editorial: Ignoring the Obvious Categories: Iran, Israel, Terrorism     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The explosion that ripped through a tour bus full of Israeli tourists in the seaside resort of Burgas, Bulgaria on July 18, killing six people - including a pregnant woman - was only the latest in a series of terror attacks perpetrated against Israelis abroad over the past decades. Unfortunately, d

Iran sanctions/ Strife in the Syrian opposition

Iran sanctions/ Strife in the Syrian opposition Categories: Iran, Syria, Updates    

On Wednesday, there was a "technical" meeting connected with the P5+1/Iran nuclear talks - the upshot of which seems to be that it looks likely high level talks will resume. Meanwhile, Iran has responded to the imposition of new European sanctions by threatening to block the Stra

Russian President to visit Israel in June

Russian President to visit Israel in June Categories: Iran, Israel, Russia, Syria, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

Despite Israel and Russia holding strongly divergent views on key Middle East issues - the violence in Syria, Iran's nuclear program and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - Israel and Russia have against the odds managed to retain good relations since the end of the Cold War. Russian President Vladi

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