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Sweden: Surveying Antisemitic Attitudes

Sweden: Surveying Antisemitic Attitudes Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, Updates     Author: Glen Falkenstein

The recent survey on worldwide antisemitism conducted by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) labelled Sweden as one of the world's least antisemitic countries and as the least antisemitic country in Europe, with just 4% or those surveyed classified as having "antisemitic attitudes."

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Why the Brussels shooting came as no surprise to the Belgian Jewish community

Why the Brussels shooting came as no surprise to the Belgian Jewish community Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, International Security, Updates     Author: Gabrielle Debinski

The world was stunned on Saturday, May 24, as news poured in of a deadly attack at The Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels. A lone gunman stormed into the museum in the city centre and began shooting. Security camera footage and witness concur that the gunman picked out his victims with calm and fo

Europa Europa: Pop-up Politics Categories: Europe, Israel, United Kingdom     Author: Douglas Davis

Europeans go to the polls in May to elect 751 members of the European Parliament for the next five years. Expect surprises. Not that the European Parliament carries much clout; clout is reserved for the army of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels and the sprinkling of political appointe

Europa Europa: The OXFAM Incident

Europa Europa: The OXFAM Incident Categories: Anti-Zionism, Europe     Author: Douglas Davis

After all the gossip and speculation it's time to come clean: Scarlett Johansson and I are more than just good friends. Much more. Yes, we have shared moments of intimacy - not, alas, together, or even at the same time. But we are both alumni of Oxfam, that billion-dollar arbiter of humanitarian aid

Europa Europa: Going Swedish?

Europa Europa: Going Swedish? Categories: Europe, International Security, Iran, United States     Author: Douglas Davis

From Israel to Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the myriad Gulf statelets, the perception that Washington has thrown in its lot with the Iranian-led Shia world - Syria and Hezbollah, plus Iraq - is unmistakable. That might not have been Obama's intention, but in such matters, percepti

Is the EU inadvertently encouraging Israeli settlements?

Is the EU inadvertently encouraging Israeli settlements? Categories: Europe, Israel, Updates     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

As Australia shifts its UN vote on Israeli settlements to one more befitting of its longstanding support for a negotiated two-state solution, the EU appears to be going in the opposite direction. In addition to undermining the EU's support for peace talks, this may even be inadvertently encouraging

The Last Word: Blood Libel and Mass Murder

The Last Word: Blood Libel and Mass Murder Categories: Antisemitism, Europe     Author: Jeremy Jones

In 1911, Mendel Beilis was arrested and charged with murdering a Christian child for the purpose of using the boy's blood in Jewish religious rituals. Mendel Beilis fought the absurd allegation and, in 1913, one of the most important societal trials of the 20th century took place in the main courth

Europa Europa: Democracy-dreaming Categories: Europe, Middle East     Author: Douglas Davis

In November 1947, two years after saving Europe from totalitarianism and two years after being booted out of office, Winston Churchill told the House of Commons he had concluded that, "democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried". The military leaders

The EU's Partial Hezbollah Ban

The EU's Partial Hezbollah Ban Categories: Europe, Lebanon, Terrorism, Updates    

On Monday, the European Union agreed, after months of debate and negotiation, to ban the "military wing" of the Lebanese terror group Hezbollah (Australia, of course, similarly bans only Hezbollah's "External Security Organisation"). This Update focuses on the background and impl

Soccer Championship gives Israel chance to show off diversity and multiculturalism

Soccer Championship gives Israel chance to show off diversity and multiculturalism Categories: Europe, Immigration/ Multiculturalism, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Jeni Willenzik

Over the past two weeks, Israel hosted the UEFA Under-21 Soccer Championships, one of Israel's biggest sporting events in history. In spite of protests and accusations before the event, Israel rose to the challenge, displaying the Jewish state's demonstrated ability to bring together people of

The End of Syria?

The End of Syria? Categories: Europe, Syria     Author: Emanuele Ottolenghi

Could this tide be stemmed in Syria? Early on in the crisis, it could have been, at a high price, had we had a dog in the fight, or one that we wanted to claim as our own. But the West decided, as in the former Yugoslavia for three long years, to sit this one out. The new order will thus not be crea

Iran's antisemitic partnerships

Iran's antisemitic partnerships Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, Far Right, Iran, Updates     Author: Or Avi-Guy

Iran finds it hard to make friends these days. And now, another "blow"- Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez, one of Iran strongest allies in the global arena, passed away. Interestingly, the Iranians have formed an unholy alliance with none other than the Hungarian ultra-nationalist rising power - the

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