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Sanctions lifted despite Iran’s provocations

Sanctions lifted despite Iran’s provocations Categories: Europe, Iran, United States, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

On Saturday, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) declared that Iran had complied with the July nuclear agrement.  The removal of sanctions came despite a number of criticisms of the IAEA's December report on Iran's progress in complying with the deal, as well as recent provocations by

Europa Europa: The Daesh Dilemma

Europa Europa: The Daesh Dilemma Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Douglas Davis

Daesh - also known as ISIS, ISIL and/or Islamic State - consists of a bunch of medieval psychopaths (add adjectives, as required). But how does Europe, which is bearing the brunt of the refugee flight, solve a problem like Daesh? Not as easily as the current crop of Europe's political leaders seem t

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How ISIS can be Defeated Categories: Europe, Middle East, Terrorism, United States     Author: Matthew Levitt

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, US President Barack Obama rejected calls to change his strategy to counter the Islamic State - specifically the idea of putting large numbers of US troops in the battlefield. "We have the right strategy and we're gonna see it through," Obama said at the G-20 Summ

Deconstruction Zone: Selective Condemnation

Deconstruction Zone: Selective Condemnation Categories: Europe, Israel, Terrorism     Author: Judith Bergman

As Israelis and human beings, we... show solidarity with the French. We only wish this solidarity was truly universal and not something reserved only for Western Europeans or Americans. The Facebook community does not add the colours of the Israeli flag to profile pictures when Israelis are murdered

Scribblings: Paris and Palestinian polls

Scribblings: Paris and Palestinian polls Categories: Europe, Israel, Palestinians     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

This edition contains an important new article by Daniel Polisar, which is a pretty comprehensive look at reputable polling of Palestinians over many years. It's not a pretty picture in terms of what Palestinians believe about Jews and Israel or support for terrorism - and goes a long way toward exp

The New Normal?

The New Normal? Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Walter Russell Mead

Regardless of what kind of response the West ultimately launches, military efforts in the wake of Paris will not spell an end to terrorism. There is no chance for a cure for the causes of terrorism anytime soon, no matter how much Paris may have stiffened Europe's resolve. Across the Middle East, de

ISIS’s Terror Strategy

ISIS’s Terror Strategy Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Oded Eran & Adam Hoffman

The Islamic State cited two justifications for the attacks. The first was ideological. Paris was described by the jihadist organisation as "the capital of prostitution and vice, the lead carrier of the cross in Europe." It appears that France's liberal values - including strong secularism, democracy

Editorial: “Containing” ISIS Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Middle East, Terrorism     Author: Colin Rubenstein

The barbaric, coordinated attacks in Paris by Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorists on November 13, which claimed the lives of over 130 people, may well be more than just the latest barbaric atrocity carried out in the name of extremist Islamism. It may signal that ISIS has decided on a

Europa Europa: The Aid Business

Europa Europa: The Aid Business Categories: Europe, Middle East, NGOs     Author: Douglas Davis

Oxfam, Christian Aid, Save the Children, War on Want... the clue, mostly, is in the names. These organisations, dedicated to relieving global poverty and human suffering, are sitting on the side of the angels and doing heaven's work. Or are they?

The Last Word: A Unique Gathering

The Last Word: A Unique Gathering Categories: Europe, Interfaith Dialogue     Author: Jeremy Jones

Visiting the new POLIN Jewish Museum in Warsaw can be a challenging experience. In the heart of the destroyed ghetto, a site of immense evil, of persecution and deprivation, a walk through its many impressive exhibitions is a walk in the company of ghosts. With cultural, historical and political re

Europa Europa: Tribal Troubles

Europa Europa: Tribal Troubles Categories: Antisemitism, Europe     Author: Douglas Davis

The pipes are skirling and the saltires are snapping smartly in the summer breeze, but there is an undercurrent of concern. Ignoring pleas from the Scottish Jewish community, the local councils of Edinburgh, Glasgow and many smaller Scottish towns flew the Palestinian flag above their offices in sol

Europa Europa: Wallström in Wonderland

Europa Europa: Wallström in Wonderland Categories: Europe, Middle East, Saudi Arabia     Author: Douglas Davis

Why do bad things happen to good people? It is a question that confounds philosophers and theologians. Now politicians are being confronted with it, too. First among them is Sweden's Foreign Minister, Margot Wallström. Her good intentions have cost Sweden the good will of a large chunk of the

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