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The Last Word: Vienna variations

The Last Word: Vienna variations Categories: Europe, Holocaust/ War Crimes     Author: Jeremy Jones

The title of the conference, "An End to Antisemitism!", was in and of itself a topic of much discussion. French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy asserted that the only part of it he agreed with was the exclamation mark, while others even questioned this, proffering a question mark as an alterna

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Unlucky 7

Unlucky 7 Categories: Egypt, Europe, Libya, Middle East, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen     Author: Amotz Asa-El

Seven years after it was ignited by an unassuming street vendor in Tunis, the consequent chain reaction of political downfalls, civil wars, and geopolitical tremors has yet to come to an end... the conflicts across the Arab world have become a major destabilising force across the international syste

Biblio File: Revisionism revisited

Biblio File: Revisionism revisited Categories: Europe, Israel     Author: Paul Monk

Heller's book on Jabotinsky and the Eastern European roots of Revisionist Zionism is a vital contribution. The miracle is that he has given us a wonderfully well researched, finely nuanced and deeply informative history, rather than an ideological polemic.

Austria and Israel's dilemma

Austria and Israel's dilemma Categories: Europe, Far Right, Israel     Author: Herb Keinon

Israel has not yet clearly reacted to the elections in Austria that will likely catapult the far-right Freedom Party into the government, but this outcome poses a clear challenge to Jerusalem: Should it engage with European far-right parties if they become a part of a government?

The Last Word: Retro-corrective

The Last Word: Retro-corrective Categories: Antisemitism, Europe     Author: Jeremy Jones

Court judgements in Europe have legitimised acts of violence and vandalism as acceptable political protest - including attacks on synagogues! Some mainstream left and right wing political parties have removed any real stigma from antisemitism, tolerating, rationalising and excusing political allies

Biblio File: Banlieues and Bombs

Biblio File: Banlieues and Bombs Categories: Europe, Terrorism     Author: James Kirchick

Kepel is particularly knowledgeable about the history and process of radicalisation that takes place in his nation's heavily Muslim banlieues (the depressed housing projects ringing Paris and other major cities), and Terror in France is informed by decades of fieldwork in these volatile locales.

Europa Europa: Terms of Engagement

Europa Europa: Terms of Engagement Categories: Europe, Terrorism     Author: Douglas Davis

The good burghers of Europe have long assumed that the decline of the ISIS caliphate would diminish the terrorist threat they face. They know better now. ISIS is no longer encouraging activists to join its ranks in Iraq and Syria. Instead, it is advising them to wreak havoc in their home countries.

Editorial: The Road to Kurdistan

Editorial: The Road to Kurdistan Categories: Australasia, Europe, Middle East     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Amidst the chaos and turmoil of the volatile Middle East, there is a long-suffering people that have been denied self-determination continuously for almost a century... I am not referring to the Palestinians, who have rejected several opportunities to establish their own state... I am talking about

Kulturkampf in Merkel's Germany

Kulturkampf in Merkel's Germany Categories: Europe, Far Right     Author: Dominic Green

In the 2013 elections, the AfD narrowly failed to cross the 5% threshold for representation in the Bundestag. On Sunday, it won 13.5% of the vote nationally, and more than 20% in the economically depressed areas of the old East Germany. The AfD will be the third-largest party in the new Bundestag, w

AfD and the Jewish community

AfD and the Jewish community Categories: Antisemitism, Europe, Holocaust/ War Crimes, Updates     Author: Shmuel Levin

The big news of Germany's recent election is the rise of Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) with 12.6% of the vote. AfD is regularly described as far-right and has campaigned strongly on an anti-immigrant and anti-Islam platform. Despite some overtures by AfD leaders towards the Jewish communit

Europe and the Thousand-Headed Monster

Europe and the Thousand-Headed Monster Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Eyal Zisser

Barcelona is not just any other city in Europe. It's not London, Paris or Berlin, where ISIS terrorists have already carried out mass attacks claiming the lives of dozens of innocent civilians. Barcelona is part of Spain, which holds special status in the eyes of the Islamic State group.

Killers in Cars

Killers in Cars Categories: Europe, Islamic Extremism, Terrorism     Author: Col. Richard Kemp & Arsen Ostrovsky

Shortly after the horrific terror attack in Barcelona on August 17, which claimed the lives of 14 people including seven-year old Australian Julian Cadman, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said terrorism is Europe's main problem "right now"... Jihadists have been waging terror in Europe for yea

Europa Europa: Rock Star President

Europa Europa: Rock Star President Categories: Europe, Israel     Author: Douglas Davis

Macron had another message for the 800 people, including Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who attended the ceremony near the Eiffel Tower: "We will never surrender to the expressions of hatred," said Macron "we will not surrender to anti-Zionism because it is a reinvention of antisemitism.

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