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Anti-Semitism and the Arab Spring

Anti-Semitism and the Arab Spring Categories: Antisemitism, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, Updates     Author: Or Avi-Guy

In the aftermath of the Arab Spring, expressions of explicit anti-Semitism and anti-Jewish sentiments are beginning to surge. In Middle East politics, it has long beem traditional to point a finger at Israel, "the Zionists" and "the Jews", who were blamed for all the problems of the Muslim and Arab

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Islamists poised to win Egyptian elections

Islamists poised to win Egyptian elections Categories: Egypt, Updates    

As readers are probably aware, in the first round of voting in Egypt earlier this week, the Muslim Brotherhood did even better than many polls had predicted, as did the even more extreme Salafists. This Update is devoted to analysis of this outcome. First up is Israeli academic

 Ilan Grapel tells his story

Ilan Grapel tells his story Categories: Egypt, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

Ilan Grapel, a twenty seven year old American-Israeli was finally released on October 27 in exchange for 25 Egyptian prisoners in Israel, after having spent four months in an Egyptian jail due to false allegations of espionage. In 2009, he was a Goldmann Fellow at AIJAC's Melbourne office. A month

Egypt's chaos

Egypt's chaos Categories: Egypt, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

In the lead up to Egypt's first ‘free and fair' election, the streets of Cairo have become increasingly chaotic. On November 25, tens of thousands of people protested in Tahrir Square demanding an end to the military rule of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which has ruled Egyp

An Exodus from Sinai

An Exodus from Sinai Categories: Egypt, Israel, Sudan, Updates     Author: Sharyn Mittelman

The Sinai is not only a haven for terrorists, but it also a centre of people and organ smuggling. The depth of the lawlessness was recently captured in CNN documentary "Death in the Desert", which reported on unimaginable violence experienced by Africans who cross the Sinai in the desperate attempt

Essay: Springing Forward or Falling Back?

Essay: Springing Forward or Falling Back? Categories: Egypt, Libya, Tunisia     Author: Or Avi-Guy

Historically, following many of the revolutions in the Arab and Muslim world, previous traditions hindering women's rights and limiting their role in politics and society have been reinstated. The deterioration in women's rights after the revolution in Algeria ended in 1962, and the Iranian Islamic

Disastrous Elections vs. Bloody Civil War in Egypt

Disastrous Elections vs. Bloody Civil War in Egypt Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism     Author: Barry Rubin

Only days before parliamentary elections, Egypt was in a huge crisis whose outcome will determine the future of almost 80 million people and perhaps the Arabic-speaking world's fate for decades to come. Will the army go ahead with elections that will be won by the Muslim Brotherhood and other radic

Arab Spring or Islamist Surge?

Arab Spring or Islamist Surge? Categories: Egypt, Israel, Middle East, Palestinians, Tunisia     Author: Benny Morris

Rioting in Tunisia and Egypt in early 2011 unleashed a tidal wave of unrest across the Arab world that was soon designated the "Arab Spring." Enthusiasts in the West hailed a new birth of freedom for a giant slice of humanity that has been living in despotic darkness for centuries. But historians in

Worsening Middle East instability

Worsening Middle East instability Categories: Egypt, Jordan, Middle East, Syria, Updates    

This Update provides analysis of the increasingly "Arab Spring" instability which seems to be developing across the Middle East - in Egypt, Syria and Jordan. First up are Washington Institute experts David Schenker and Eric Trager on the background and implications to the re-ignition of

Ilan Grapel and AIJAC

Ilan Grapel and AIJAC Categories: Antisemitism, Australasia, Egypt, Media/ Academia, Updates     Author: Tzvi Fleischer

As readers will note from the accompanying media release, AIJAC is very relieved and pleased that Ilan Grapel, a bright young Israeli-American student, has now been released after more than four months of detention in Egypt. Ilan served a 2009 stint in AIJAC's Melbourne's office as a visiting Goldma

In 1949, who wanted a Palestinian state? Only Israel!

In 1949, who wanted a Palestinian state? Only Israel! Categories: Anti-Zionism, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Middle East, Palestinians, United Nations, Updates     Author: Allon Lee

It won't stop the revisionist propaganda underpinning the Palestinian unilateral declaration of independence campaign, but newspaper accounts from 1949 prove that the nascent State of Israel supported the establishment of a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza and opposed the land being absor

Cairo's Embassy Riots and Egyptian Opinion

Cairo's Embassy Riots and Egyptian Opinion Categories: Egypt, Israel     Author: Eric Trager

The diplomatic documents had barely stopped drifting down from the Israeli Embassy in Egypt when New York Times columnist Nick Kristof referenced the root causes of the attack, as he saw them: "Attacking the Israeli embassy doesn't help Gazans, doesn't bring back the dead," he tweeted. "Instead it h

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Setbacks and Opportunity

Setbacks and Opportunity Categories: Egypt, Israel, Middle East, Turkey     Author: Amotz Asa-El

The year was 1958 and Israel had noticed that Egyptian leader Gamal Abdul Nasser's agitation across the Middle East was disagreeable to many of his non-Arab neighbours. Israel therefore emerged with what came to be known as the "Periphery Strategy", which focused on Ethiopia, Iran and Turkey and eve

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