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Egypt's Uncertain Post-Election Future

Egypt's Uncertain Post-Election Future Categories: Egypt, Israel, Updates    

This Update deals with the aftermath of events in Egypt over the weekend - both the run-off presidential election (which the Muslim Brotherhood's Muhammed Morsi claims to have narrowly won, though his opponent, Ahmed Shafiq, makes the same claim, but election authorities are review

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The campaign tactics of Mohammed Morsi

The campaign tactics of Mohammed Morsi Categories: Egypt, Islamic Extremism, Updates     Author: Or Avi-Guy

Equality for women in work and education; an assurance that Islamic dress will not be imposed; Christian senior political advisors and possibly even a Christian Vice-President; freedom of protest and expression - the list of pre-election promises made since last Tuesday by Mohammed Morsi, the Muslim

Egypt's First Round Election Results

Egypt's First Round Election Results Categories: Egypt, Updates    

This Update focuses on analysis of the outcome of the Egyptian Presidential elections last week, where contrary to most expectations, the candidates to make it into the second round were Muslim Brotherhood representative Mohamed Morsi and former air force head Ahmed Shafiq,

Media Week - BDS is anti-peace; Worrying findings; Sandstorm on the horizon?

Media Week - BDS is anti-peace; Worrying findings; Sandstorm on the horizon? Categories: Anti-Zionism, Antisemitism, Australasia, Egypt, Israel, Media/ Academia, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Allon Lee

In the Australian (25/5) academic Philip Mendes analysed the conceptual and practical flaws underpinning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement noting that it "is a by-product of the second Palestinian intifada and the collapse of the Oslo peace process.... It is essentially war by other mea

Tahrir where?

Tahrir where? Categories: Egypt     Author: Mahmoud Salem

Fifteen months after the Egyptian revolution, the largely secular youth movement on the streets of Egypt has lost much of its enthusiasm. As the deadline for the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) to transfer power looms ever closer, the most pressing issue for Egypt's revolutionaries

Editorial: End of the Camp David era? Categories: Egypt, Israel     Author: Colin Rubenstein

Israel's new national unity government - one of the country's broadest coalitions on record - will have its work cut out in the months ahead. Domestically, in addition to the need to re-write the rules on military service for the ultra-Orthodox minority, and promised efforts to implement overdue pol

Collision Course in Egypt

Collision Course in Egypt Categories: Egypt     Author: Jacques Neriah

Fourteen months after the popular uprising that brought down the Mubarak regime, Egypt is heading toward a head-on collision between the Islamic forces and the secular military apparatus that has ruled Egypt since 1952, when a group of young officers led by Gamal Abdel Nasser revolted against the mo

Muslim Brotherhood Play for Power in Egypt? Categories: Egypt, Updates    

This Update features two pieces looking at the increasing signs that the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is abandoning past promises of modesty and moderation and attempting to impose near-complete domination over Egyptian politics in the near future. First up is Eric Trager, the W

Hamas rant sheds light on Gaza fuel crisis

Hamas rant sheds light on Gaza fuel crisis Categories: Egypt, Palestinians, Updates     Author: Ahron Shapiro

A deal signed Tuesday between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas may or may not herald the end to the Gazan fuel shortage as discussed in my previous blog post on the subject, but a recent television interview with Hamas' Minister of the Interior and of National Security Fathi Hammad offers a

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Essay: In Retrospect

Essay: In Retrospect Categories: Egypt, Middle East, Syria, Tunisia     Author: Amos Yadlin

Since the outbreak of the protests in Tahrir Square, which were led by liberal, secular youth and which led to the ouster of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak, a lot of water has flowed through the Nile. An ailing Mubarak is on trial, possibly for his life, and his declaration that only his regime co

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