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Peace polling improves in Post-Revolutionary Egypt Categories: Egypt, Israel, Updates     Author: Geoff Levin

A new study has indicated that two-thirds of all Egyptians support maintaining the Arab republic's 1979 peace agreement with Israel. The poll, conducted by the Egyptian government's Information and Decision Support Centre (IDSC), showed that 67% of those responding want to uphold the historic Egypt

Egyptian PM reportedly backs down on election postponement Categories: Egypt, Updates     Author: Allon Lee

Egypt’s interim Prime Minister Essam Sharaf is now reportedly denying media reports, noted previously on Fresh AIR, that he supports postponing parliamentary elections scheduled for September until after a new constitution is drawn up, a process only scheduled to commence in September. &nbsp

Election Delay in Egypt?

Election Delay in Egypt? Categories: Egypt, Updates     Author: Tzvi Flesicher

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Essam Sharaf, reportedly hinted strongly yesterday that the parliamentary elections scheduled for September might be postponed until after a new constitution is drawn up, a process also supposed to begin in September. Such a postponement might well be t

Syria's unrest, Egypt's political transition

Syria's unrest, Egypt's political transition Categories: Egypt, Syria, Updates    

This Update concentrates on both the increasingly widespread protests in Syria, and the state of the political transition in Egypt, looking especially at the role of the Muslim Brotherhood there. First up is a BICOM (British-Israel Communications and Research Centre) briefing on the state of the si

Age Against The Machine Categories: Egypt, Middle East     Author: Walter Laqueur

The old order has crumbled in the Middle East, and it will never be the same again. But what made it crumble? The experts who had been arguing that the youth in the region constituted a listless generation that did not care about freedom and democracy have been proved wrong.

Deconstruction Zone: Half the Arab World Categories: Egypt, Middle East     Author: Daniel Meyerowitz-Katz

Thousands of Egyptian women decided to again march to Tahrir Square and demand their rights. They sought not to make the regime crumble, but to mark the 100th International Women's Day on March 8. These protesters were met not by armed police, but by a larger group of men who proceeded to harass and

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Watching, Worrying and Hoping Categories: Egypt, Israel, Libya, Middle East     Author: Amotz Asa-El

In the long run, the feeling in Jerusalem is that the mayhem across the Middle East will serve Israel's interests. The precedent whereby Arab citizenries demand their leaders deliver jobs, education and personal dignity is priceless.

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