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Media Microscope: Just Joshing

Antisemitism was an important theme in media coverage of efforts to refer Treasurer Josh Frydenberg to the courts on the basis that he holds dual citizenship because his mother was born in Hungary during the Nazi occupation

The Last Word: Just not cricket

Racism in its many manifestations is, far too often, allowed to be articulated and practised without any response, let alone real consequences. 

Australian Antisemitism in Arabic

An Australia-based Arabic-language online news and commentary platform is spreading viciously antisemitic content. An investigation into the Farah NewsOnline website has uncovered articles depicting Jews as an evil force conspiring to subdue humanity

Editorial: Courageous decisions

The Australian Government’s announcement on August 21 that Australia will join the International Maritime Security Construct in the Persian Gulf to assure the security of merchant vessels in the Strait of Hormuz is a very welcome one. 

AIJAC expresses condolences on the passing of former deputy PM Tim Fischer

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) has written to the family of the late deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Tim Fischer expressing condolences on his passing and our "deepest and heartfelt sympathy" to Judy Fischer and their two sons. 

AIJAC welcomes SBS apology for “World News” misrepresentation

AIJAC has welcomed SBS’s apology and acknowledgment that an SBS TV “World News” story on July 10, “erroneously” implied Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu had threatened military action in response to increased uranium enrichment by Iran

Good Money after Bad: Why is Australia continuing to pour money...

Australia, which is one of UNRWA’s largest donors per capita, should consider joining its European counterparts in suspending its $20 million annual contribution to the agency, and instead investigate other channels to deliver a core package of humanitarian aid services for those in need

Statement: Australia joins the International Maritime Security Construct in the Gulf

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) welcomes the Government’s announcement that Australia will join the International Maritime Security Construct in the Gulf to...

Colin Rubenstein on the regional and global threat posed by Iran...

AIJAC executive director Colin Rubenstein spoke with Brian Carlton on Tasmania Talks radio about the threats posed by Iran and its Lebanese proxy Hezbollah in the Middle East and further afield.

Statement: Israeli police recommendation to indict Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman over Malka Leifer...

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) calls on Israel’s Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman to step down following news that Israeli police have recommended he be indicted on charges of fraud and breach of trust for offences including use of his office to illicitly provide assistance to alleged sex offender Malka Leifer.