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Médecins Sans Frontières has lost its way

July 3, 2024 | Greg Rose, Tzvi Fleischer

MSF has a history of allowing terrorists to operate with impunity in its facilities, of tolerating and defending terrorist groups and of making highly political public statements, especially with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict – far from the ideal of neutral provision of aid.  

CCTV footage of the 14-year-old attacker in military fatigues (screenshot)

Sydney University stabbing highlights issues in AIJAC submission on right-wing extremism

July 3, 2024 | Oved Lobel

As the details surrounding the incident become progressively clearer, the stabbing is beginning to look like a textbook case of what AIJAC described in its recent submission to the Senate Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee inquiry into right-wing extremist movements in Australia, its previous submission to the Legal and Social Issues Committee’s inquiry into extremism in Victoria as well as in blogposts and articles.

More than 1,000 truckloads of aid waiting to be picked up inside Gaza at the Kerem Shalom crossing on June 18 (Source: COGAT)

Counting – and miscounting – Gaza aid trucks

June 20, 2024

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Did Hamas accept ceasefire proposal? ABC can’t get its story straight

June 6, 2024

Palestinian Red Crescent workers from Al-Najjar Hospital in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip (Image: Shutterstock)

Hamas’ impossible casualty figures

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After the Israel-Hamas ceasefire for hostages deal

The “encampment” at the University of Sydney (Image: X/Twitter)

A university is for a multiplicity of ideas

July 18, 2024 | Rabbi Ralph Genende

Our universities have created a culture of grievance, resentment and rage which is fertile ground for the kind of vituperative antisemitism we are witnessing.

UN Special Rapporteur on the Occupied Palestinian Territories Francesca Albanese (Image: Shutterstock)

Israel’s hardest war is fighting the lies waged against it

July 17, 2024 | Justin Amler

It’s a truly dystopian alternate reality when a country under existential threat from a brutal terrorist death cult rescues innocent hostages from its clutches and the world’s reaction is criticism and lamentation.

Hezbollah missiles are targeting northern Israeli towns and infrastructure (Screenshot)

Why appeasing Iran will lead to broader Mid-East war

July 10, 2024 | Colin Rubenstein

Israelis cannot risk returning to their homes and fields with Hezbollah on the border surveilling their every move, looking to harass constantly, while planning its own October 7-style invasion.

This placard expresses the ultimate purpose of the anti-Zionist movement – a world without the collective Jew (Image: X/Twitter)

Essay: The Placard Strategy

July 4, 2024 | Einat Wilf

In the 130 years since Half Solace was published, the blood libels that Ahad Ha’am encountered in tsarist Russia were updated by its Soviet heirs to fit an age of greater literacy and sophistication. These refurbished libels were then exported to the West, where they flourish today, creating the same dangerous dynamic that alarmed Ahad Ha’am. 

A far-right graphic makes caricatured Jews responsible for everything the far-right hates

Deconstruction Zone: The conspiracy trap

July 4, 2024 | Dave Rich

Anti-Jewish conspiracy myths have a unique ability to adapt and thrive in any environment, trapping the unaware in their flawed and fatal thinking.

The “encampment” at the University of Sydney (Image: X/Twitter)

The Last Word: What is a university?

July 4, 2024 | Rabbi Ralph Genende

What we are witnessing on today’s Australian campuses is a shameful failure of leadership. It boggles the mind how a learned man like Sydney University Vice-Chancellor Mark Scott can engage in such tortured logic to justify the failure of his institution to live up to the purpose of the university in his dealings with anti-Israel protestors who have occupied his university’s campus.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah: Threatening not only Cyprus but all maritime activity in the Eastern Mediterranean (Image: X/Twitter)

Cyprus and the Hezbollah maritime threat

Jul 4, 2024

IDF Lt. Col. Dotan Razili, a home front brigade commander, guarding the evacuated northern community of Kibbutz Eilon (Image: Charlotte Lawson)

On the frontlines in Israel’s north

Jul 4, 2024

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens speaking to AIJAC in Melbourne: “There will never be any long-term peace in the region as long as the Islamic Republic rules Persia”

Bret Stephens on Israel’s War for Survival

Jul 4, 2024

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken with Israeli PM Netanyahu: US-Israel agreement on the essential parameters for post-war Gaza remains indispensible (Image: GPO/Flickr)

How to End the War in Gaza

Jul 3, 2024

An encampment at the University of Canterbury, Christchurch (Image: X/Twitter)

AIR New Zealand: Double standards and discomfort on campuses

Jul 3, 2024

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Noted and Quoted – July 2024

Jul 3, 2024

The Israeli Cabinet: Old political alliances are now teetering on a precipice (Image: GPO/Flickr)

Government rocked by Court conscription ruling

Jul 3, 2024

Siti Nurhaliza hitting the high notes with Canadian composer David Foster (screenshot)

Asia Watch: The Same Old Song

Jul 3, 2024

Foreign Minister Senator Penny Wong and Opposition Foreign Affairs spokesperson Senator Simon Birmingham had an exchange regarding “Palestine” recognition (Screenshots)

Rough Estimates in the Senate

Jul 3, 2024