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Media Microscope: Inhuman Delusions

The nihilism underpinning the campaign of dehumanisation directed against Israel and anyone dealing with it was unexpectedly spotlighted via media reports of threats made against Sydney doctor Jamal Rifi.

Noted and Quoted – July 2019

  Tanks for nothing The ABC appropriately reported on the terror attack on two oil tankers, the Japanese Kokuka Courageous and the Norwegian Front Altair in...

Hard-Pressed 2

When discussing Australian stories, [Press TV] selectively chooses Australian and overseas commentators who will utter the right slogans in service of the interests of the Ayatollahs in Teheran

Noted and Quoted – June 2019

Deadly messages Australian media coverage of the ferocious barrage of more than 600 rockets fired from Gaza at Israel on May 4 and 5, which...

Media Microscope: Lights, Camera, Boycotts

It was inevitable that Israel’s hosting of Eurovision 2019 would become another opportunity for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement to advance its destructive cause. 

Hard Pressed

An official channel of Iran – a country with which Australia has full diplomatic relations – is consistently and systematically broadcasting anti-Australian content, hatred of Israel and rejection of Western culture, while giving a free platform to numerous dubious extremists

Noted and Quoted – May 2019

On March 18, News columnists Andrew Bolt and Rita Panahi both highlighted how “Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former US president Bill Clinton, was confronted by activists at an interfaith vigil for the Christchurch terror victims who told her “the 49 people died because of the rhetoric you put out there.” 

Media Microscope: Height of Folly?

US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights on March 25 and Benjamin Netanyahu’s promise to extend sovereignty over West Bank settlements dominated coverage in the final weeks leading up to Israeli elections on April 9.

Noted and Quoted – April 2019

Julian Burnside’s announcement that he will run as a Greens candidate at the forthcoming federal election saw Nick Cater suggesting that the high-profile barrister’s “obsession with the sins of Israel” would see him fit in with the party. 

Media Microscope: Going for Trope

The defection of seven British Labour MPs, accusing their own party of becoming “institutionally antisemitic”, and the accusations made against US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar saw much coverage of debates about the use of common antisemitic tropes.