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The Last Word: Enemies of The People

What does it mean to be an “Enemy of the People”? This question arose numerous times during my recent visit to Italy, the Balkans and the USA.

The Last Word: Rome and Jerusalem

When Pope Francis approached the group, he also seemed in a good mood, ready to exchange respectful comments with a delegation which included both some distinguished Vatican figures and Jewish leaders in inter-religious activism.

AIJAC’s Jeremy Jones represents Australia at high-level Vatican interfaith meeting

Jeremy Jones, Director of International and of Community Affairs for the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council, participated in the 24th meeting of the International Catholic-Jewish Liaison Committee [ILC], which was held in Rome, Italy, from 13-16 May 2019.

The Last Word: Two Good Books

I have been fortunate to have maintained contact with my SRC rival. He has not only played an important role in helping Australians understand domestic politics and international affairs, but has now entered the battle to bring religious and cultural literacy to a new generation of Australians.

God Is Good For You: Jewish Launch

AIJAC and the Sydney Jewish Museum co-hosted the launch of Greg Sheridan’s new book, “God is Good For You”, for the Jewish community on Thursday, August 2.

Promoting Interfaith Dialogue Between Jews and Muslims

Friction seems to be at an all-time high between the world's three main Abrahamic religions. At this juncture, interfaith dialogue is important. AIJAC Director of International Affairs Jeremy Jones discusses his objectives to bridge gaps with i24 News host Emily Frances.

Statement: AIJAC disappointed at Vatican recognition of Palestinian state

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) is disappointed at the Vatican's latest move to formally recognise a Palestinian state. Since the 2012 UN resolution accepting Palestine as a non-member observer state, the Vatican has been referring to the state of Palestine, but this treaty goes further by formalising this recognition for the first time. Sadly, this will do nothing to advance peace nor assist Middle Eastern Christians persecuted by Islamists across the region.

The Last Word: The Culture of Dialogue

It is not an everyday occurrence to see senior Saudi Arabian government officials speak alongside rabbis based in Israel, prominent Buddhist figures and Indian swamis.

But, for the second year in succession, the King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) managed to attract a diverse, energetic and motivated group of scholars, religious leaders and civil society activists to Vienna for two days of interactions and engagement.

The Last Word: Pitching Dialogue

Welcomed as special guests at the baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the New York Mets was the "Delegation of Muslim & Jewish Leaders from the Southern Hemisphere." The announcement brought cheers and applause.

As part of that delegation, I spent two intensive days in Washington with colleagues from Australia, South Africa and New Zealand. We had ample opportunity to discuss distinctive features of our varying national experiences, issues which divide as well as unite us and determine what we could learn from our US hosts.

The Last Word: A very long-term Engagement

The American Jewish Committee is, by any standards, an outstanding organisation, and its May 2012 Annual Meeting and Global Forum provided testimony to this effect.

From debates on Iran featuring analysts who individually would command respect and attention due to their expertise; through sessions where a variety of serving Ministers for International Affairs shared understandings of contemporary challenges; to a hugely informative and educational debate on the strengths and weaknesses of President Obama and Mitt Romney - there was hardly a word spoken which was unnecessary or uninteresting.