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Hamas’ Build-up and Tactics/ Terrorism and Tribalism

A new study has come out detailing the military build-up Hamas has been undertaking in Gaza. Among its findings are that Hamas has brought 80 tons of explosives into Gaza since last summer, that it now has 20,000 men under arms, hundreds of whom have been trained in Iran, Syria and Lebanon, and has established a special suicide bomb unit.

Hamas Rhetoric and Ideology/ The Refugee Question

Today's Update offers up two pieces exploring aspects of the ideology and rhetoric of Islamist extremists, particularly Hamas. First up, the New York Times offered a good long (and overdue) piece on Hamas' incitement to anti-Jewish hatred and various forms of violence from Gaza.

More on Gaza-Egypt Issues/ Lebanon Update

As readers may be aware, there have been a series of developments related to the Sinai breakout by Hamas-led Gazans a week and a half ago. Egypt sealed the border to further crossings on Sunday, and said no similar breakouts would be tolerated.

The Implications of Hamas’ Gaza Breakout

This Update focuses on analysis of the political implications of Hamas' breaking down of the border of southern Gaza last Wednesday morning, sending hundreds of thousands of Gazans into Sinai.