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“Zionists” blamed for Moselmane investigation

Beyond their sheer ridiculousness, Anderson’s comments are helping feed the currently well-trodden highway of material blaming the Jews for all of society’s ills.  

Keir Starmer passes his first major credibility test with the Jewish...

Keir Starmer, the new UK Labour leader who took over from Jeremy Corbyn in April, has acted in stark contrast with his predecessor by swiftly dumping Shadow Education Secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey from his shadow cabinet after she shared allegedly antisemitic material on Twitter.

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Iranian nuclear timelines/ Hezbollah threatened by Lebanon meltdown

This Update contains two articles outlining some increasingly urgent timelines for the world to deal with the Iranian nuclear crisis - including some policy advice for dealing with this challenge. It also features some good analysis of how the deteriorating situation in Lebanon is affecting Hezbollah


Australia/Israel Review - Latest Edition

Missiles can win wars

The emergence of pinpoint precision-guided rockets and missiles on the battlefield is a turning point in the history of warfare.

Behind the News – July 2020

On June 11, US President Donald Trump signed an executive order authorising the blocking of assets and imposition of travel restrictions against employees of the International Criminal Court (ICC) involved in investigations into alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan

Treating a Sick Economy

The tightest restrictions that the Government had imposed in March in response to the coronavirus pandemic had largely been lifted by June. Unfortunately, the dramatic economic impacts of the pandemic could not be as easily reversed.