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A Democratic Momentum Categories: Iraq, Middle East     Author: External author

Anyone with experience of the Arab Middle East will have found a civilisation that does not know what to do with itself. Freedom and democracy have been unknown quantities. The manners and grace of the past are almost irrecoverable.

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Essay: The Case for Democracy Categories: Iraq, Middle East     Author: External author

Neoconservatives hope that a democratic Iraq and Afghanistan can usher in a new age of Middle Eastern consensual government that will cool down a century-old cauldron of hatred. Realists counter that democratic roots will surely starve in sterile Middle East soil...


Bomb Threat Categories: International Security, Iran, Iraq, Middle East     Author: Douglas Davis

The Middle East is on the brink of going nuclear, and the rest of the world is fiddling or looking the other way. The United States is draining its energies in Iraq, the Europeans are fussing over "soft power" diplomacy, and the UN monitoring agencies are dithering.

Looking Ahead Categories: Iraq, Middle East, United States     Author: External author

The outlines of the second Bush Administration's approach to the Middle East began emerging from an American-Israel dialogue held in Washington in early December.

The Dissident and the President Categories: Iraq, Israel, Middle East     Author: Yehonathan Tommer

During his nine-and-a-half years in the Soviet gulag, much of it in solitary confinement, Anatoly Sharansky withstood physical and psychological torture by maintaining a fierce belief in freedom and justice.

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