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“Disappearing Palestine” – the Maps that Lie

Appearing regularly in pro-Palestinian books, articles, social media and websites here and overseas - and even in mainstream media -  is a series of maps purporting to show the gradual Palestinian dispossession of their land at the hands of the Jews/Israelis. Usually shown as a group of four, their simple (though explanation-free) format appears to lend historic weight to an inescapable conclusion: that Israel is guilty of systematic land theft. Their problem is that this series of maps is riddled with misrepresentations and omissions, and their overall narrative is an outright lie.

Gaza and Israel

This fact sheet is current as at June 11, 2020. SUMMARY  The Gaza Strip is a small enclave bordering Israel and Egypt. In 2005, all Israeli...

The real enemies of a two-state Israel-Palestinian resolution

THERE have been multiple reports of the death of the two-state formula to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. All represent not only wild exaggerations but a distortion of reality.

ICC continues its “lawfare” against Israel

It was no big surprise, but certainly a disappointment, that the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected credible legal opinion and recommended Palestine be treated as a state under international law. 

Answers needed on Australian aid

The Australian Government may be inadvertently funding Palestinian groups with links to terrorist organisations, as well as the anti-Israel global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.  

AIJAC welcomes Australia’s submission to the International Criminal Court

AIJAC today welcomed the Australian Government’s formal submission to the International Criminal Court arguing that the Court does not have territorial jurisdiction to consider the “Situation in the State of Palestine.”

Australian Government notes UNRWA concerns, but continues funding

The Australia Government will not withhold funding to United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), but will continue to make representations to UNRWA management to ensure funding is spent in a “targeted” way, Senate committee has heard.

AIJAC welcomes Australian submission to the International Criminal Court

Australia has opposed a bid by the International Criminal Court (ICC) to look into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian Territories.