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Nuclear Outsourcing to Pyongyang?

There is a strong possibility that Iran will continue to benefit from North Korea's nuclear advances, and some of Iran's nuclear activities might take place in North Korea itself, using the "hermit state" as a convenient backyard.

The Iranian link in the North Korean nuclear test

Escalating tensions in East Asia, North Korea claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb on January 6, its fourth nuclear test. 

Despite scepticism as to whether the nuclear test was actually a hydrogen bomb, the test reveals that North Korea has been advancing its nuclear weapons program quietly, while the world's attention has been fixed on the nuclear program of another country - Iran. However, some analysts believe that Iran may also be benefitting from North Korea's nuclear program given that the two countries have long had extensive cooperation on both nuclear development and missile research. 

Iran and the North Korea Precedent

In his March 3 address to the US Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu rightly compared the ongoing nuclear negotiations with Iran to Washington's past experience with North Korea. But the Obama Administration appears to be willfully ignoring the record with North Korea. It also seems unfocused on the dire implications for Asia of a bad Iran deal.

New Leadership and Old Tricks from Pyongyang

Imagine the following terrifying scenario for the international community - a rogue, impoverished country armed to the teeth with doomsday weaponry, a regime infamous for its belligerence, yet one whose perceptions of reality and decision-making processes are a mystery. Let us further imagine such a ‘hermit kingdom' with the capacity to inflict the gravest catastrophe on the world yet ruled by an unknown and inexperienced young leader in his twenties.

More Foxes Guarding Henhouses at the UN

The United Nations, in its infinite wisdom, has just allowed North Korea to become the chair of the U.N. Conference on Disarmament....

This UN decision follows the election last week of Iran as one of the Vice-Presidents of the upcoming session of the UN General Assembly (with Qatar as President). Meanwhile, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon controversially made a statement appearing to endorse an Iranian conference on “Terrorism” where not only were the US, Britain and Israel accused of fomenting terrorism, but  Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reportedly alleged that Washington manufactured the Holocaust and the 9/11 attacks as pretexts to put down Muslims.

From Pyongyang with love

North Korean cooperation is a linchpin in Iran's development of ballistic missiles, without which progress would be retarded a very great deal. On Iran's nuclear push, the evidence is less conclusive, but North Korean assistance seems likely to be very significant to Iran’s nuclear progress to date.

Learning Lessons

North Korea's apparent test of a nuclear explosive culminates more than ten years of diplomatic failure, for which all of the world powers share blame.