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AIR New Zealand: Columns and Calumny

Happily searching for a good merlot at the local supermarket, I sensed rather than heard the commotion in a distant part of the store. On listening more closely, I could hear a familiar voice saying something about Israel. Curiosity piqued, and clasping my bottle of wine, I headed towards the checkouts - where I found my partner engaged in a heated ?discussion? with a local political columnist.

AIR New Zealand: Grave Matters

In October, a Jewish cemetery in Wellington was desecrated. Again. Like many Jewish New Zealanders, when I heard about the latest attack I had a sad sense of deja vu. This sort of thing should not, and is not meant to, happen in our "fair go for all", egalitarian country. But it does.

AIR New Zealand: A hotbed of terrorism?

Footage of black-clad, armed police kicking down the door of a Wellington flat posted on TV3s website on the morning of Monday, October 15, was the first indication something strange was taking place in Aotearoa.

AIR New Zealand: General-ly Surreal

Since the announcement that an Auckland District Court judge was issuing an arrest warrant for Israeli General (res.) Moshe Ya'alon, who was visiting New Zealand, life has felt rather surreal...