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AIR New Zealand: Wellington’s UN votes cause concern

New Zealand’s UN voting record on Israel has been highly problematic in recent years. Over the course of his term, former foreign minister Murray McCully consistently refused to condemn Palestinian terrorism.

AIR New Zealand: An MP’s call to arms

National Party MP Alfred Ngaro – chairman of the recently launched New Zealand-Israel Parliamentary Friendship Group – is a man on a mission. That mission is to tackle the flood of biased information about Israel and to redress the resulting imbalance of perceptions.

AIR New Zealand: Missing in action

Wellington has yet to condemn Hamas’ rocket attacks or other actions. This has the New Zealand Jewish community and supporters of Israel worried. 

AIR New Zealand: Beware BDS hype

This year it has seemed that New Zealand has seen a noticeable ramping up of anti-Israel, Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS)-related activity. 

AIR New Zealand: Room for improvement

When talking to community representatives, the continuing importance of Israel to Jewish New Zealanders is inescapable. They cite deep-rooted religious and historic links, family connections, and growing business and academic interests as evidence of this. But they also see Israel as being an intrinsic part of the community's Jewish identity...

AIR New Zealand: Oh Lorde!

After announcing that she would be performing a concert in Israel as part of her upcoming world tour, Lorde ran smack bang into a BDS-driven backlash. She immediately attracted harsh criticism and protest, largely driven by the New Zealand Palestine Solidarity Network.

Media Microscope: Oh, Lorde.

New Zealand singer Lorde's announcement she was backing the BDS movement call to cancel an upcoming Tel Aviv concert likely won more coverage than it might have done if it had happened outside the Christmas/New Year period.

AIR New Zealand: NZ urged to follow US lead

The [Jerusalem] announcement has been greeted with enthusiasm from Israel and the Jewish diaspora, but by opposition and protest in many other quarters. In New Zealand, both official and public response followed a similar pattern.

AIR New Zealand: Wellington Surprise

Ardern's views on Israel are simply unknown. While she spent time in Israel as president of the International Union of Socialist Youth, she hasn't yet made any public comment about Israel-related issues.

Balancing out these uncertainties is Peters who will become both Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister. Peters publicly opposed 2334 and has long been a vocal supporter of Israel.

AIR New Zealand: Political drama, and policy obscurity

New Zealand elections have never hinged around foreign policy, and this one is no exception.

This leaves Jewish Kiwis who are keen to get a handle on where prospective parties might sit with regard to Israel, rising antisemitism, and the controversy over New Zealand's co-sponsorship of one-sided and vehemently anti-settlement UN Resolution 2334 in January struggling to find answers.