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Coronavirus spurs unity government fever in Israel

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen the crash of global markets, panic buying and drastic curbs on travel and public gatherings to a level unprecedented...

Netanyahu volleys the ball back into Gantz’s court

Like a dizzying volley between two tennis pros at match point, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his challenger Blue and White party leader...

Climbing off fence, Lieberman apparently moving to oust Netanyahu

In a normal Israeli election, a result showing Likud as the largest party and head of the largest bloc, even if not quite holding...

Israeli election preview with Ehud Yaari

Israeli TV commentator and political analyst Ehud Yaari appeared on ABC News Breakfast on February 28. He was interviewed about the third Israeli election in 11 months, the Trump Administration's Middle East peace plan and the ongoing extradition case of alleged child abuser Malka Leifer.

Mergers, reshuffles ahead of tonight’s Israeli election deadline

In the lead-up to Israel’s March 2 election – its third in the past year following two successive failures to achieve a government coalition...

Understanding Bibi’s controversial campaign pledge on the Jordan Valley

Election promises should always be taken with a grain of salt, but especially Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s promise on September 10 to extend Israeli sovereignty to the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea should he win Israel’s general election on September 17.


A new Israeli Government at last?


Israel may soon have a new government

Answers needed on Australian aid