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AIJAC welcomes opening of Australia’s new Trade and Defence Office in...

The Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) welcomes the opening of a new Australian Trade and Defence Office in Jerusalem.

Tensions rise on Temple Mount, around Gaza

This Update discusses the increasing clashes of recent weeks around the Temple Mount, centred on efforts by the Muslim religious authorities in charge of the area to unilaterally open a new prayer area in the previously closed Gate of Mercy compound on the Mount.

Scribblings: Raiders of the Lost Minds

On Feb. 5, a Jordanian Government minister said something he must have known was not only untrue but absurd. He said that “occupation forces and settlers” carried out “30,000 raids” on the al-Aqsa Mosque in 2018.

Labor should match Morrison’s stance on Israel

Despite agreement on the need for action, the paths being pursued by the two major political parties are quite different... While the Prime Minister's declarations have not yet achieved bipartisan support, achieving that outcome remains a worthy objective.

AIJAC welcomes Government’s acknowledgement of the reality that Jerusalem is Israel’s...

The announcement that Australia would recognise west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, while acknowledging east Jerusalem could be the capital of a future Palestinian state, shows a real commitment to progressing a two-state peace.

Tzvi Fleischer on Australian recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

AIJAC's Dr Tzvi Fleischer appeared on Sky News Australia to discuss Australian recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Media Microscope: Jerusalem Syndrome

The Fairfax newspapers gave the appearance of a media organisation determined to find constant new angles to insist any such policy change would fracture Australian relations with regional neighbours.

Colin Rubenstein on Australia’s proposed Israel embassy move

AIJAC Executive Director Dr Colin Rubenstein discussed Australia's proposed move of its Israel embassy to Jerusalem on the Conroy & Kroger show on Sky News Australia.

Media Microscope: Capital Offences

Australian media reporters and commentators had one key task, to accurately report PM Scott Morrison’s statement... So, how did it go? 

Till they’re Green in the face

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s announcement that Australia would consider recognising west Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and east Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state has left Greens senators seething.