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Australia must face the new Iran reality

Australia needs a clear and consistent position – which should be based on Australia’s national interest in robustly addressing the threat posed by a belligerent, expansionist and irresponsible Iran.

AIJAC disappointed at Fairfax headline

AIJAC is disappointed at the headline “Mother and child killed by air strike” for the otherwise reasonable August 10 Isabel Kershner report on the Hamas-Israel violence in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

Noted and Quoted – August 2018

Context slow in coming  Early morning viewers of ABC TV “News Live” (July 15) heard no context for Israel’s military operations in Gaza, with the...

Media Microscope: Overstatement on Parade

In the media’s overall coverage of the “Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People” bill that passed in the Israeli Knesset, there was a lot of heat generated and very little light. 

Letter: Multiculturalism makes core values stronger

It is disappointing that Andrew Bolt (August 2) sees only the trees of alleged failures in social cohesion rather than the forest of successful Australian multiculturalism.

AIJAC complains to ABC on Hamas description; Wins complaint on SBS...

AIJAC Executive Director Dr. Colin Rubenstein stated regarding the ABC report, “This story seems to be a classic example of biased advocacy journalism - where a journalist pushes their ideological views on a controversial subject very strongly, treats those views as if they were uncontested truths

The Last Word: Denial of Evil

One person in that [usenet] group, had confected an identity so as to gather personal data and email addresses. That individual then sent messages to group members that there had never been a Holocaust and that people who claimed to be survivors were part of a conspiracy to extort money, guilt and political advantage from others.

God Is Good For You: Jewish Launch

AIJAC and the Sydney Jewish Museum co-hosted the launch of Greg Sheridan’s new book, “God is Good For You”, for the Jewish community on Thursday, August 2.

The Australian’s Greg Sheridan to speak at community event in Melbourne

Prolific commentator, author and Foreign Editor at "The Australian" Greg Sheridan will discuss his new book "God is Good for You" and the Middle East

Palestinians’ desperate, undiplomatic response to Bishop

The official Palestinian response to the Australian Government’s decision to redirect $10 million in foreign aid to the Palestinians has been undiplomatic, to say the least.