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Ed: 35: April/2010

The “Green Prince”

"I absolutely know that in anybody's eyes I was a traitor," says Mosab Hassan Yousef. "To my family, to my nation, to my God. I crossed all the red lines in my society. I didn't leave one that I didn't cross."

Hope and Change in Iraq

In Iraq we are now where we should have been in 2005 if the Sunni Arab community had not staged a bloody revanchist insurrection. The parliamentary elections on March 7 gave us a good snapshot of the real Iraq.

From Reconciliation to Recrimination

The announcement could hardly have been more mistimed. Having first angered Biden it then embarrassed Netanyahu, then threw into a tizzy US-Israeli diplomacy and, while at it, dented what little progress had been made on the peace process.

The Biblio File: Obsessive Hate

Although the relentlessly irrational quality of antisemitism makes it an irresistible target for elaborate psychological theories, Wistrich largely and wisely steers clear of that quagmire.

Editorial: Frustration versus Analysis

Although the resolution appears very clear, progressing there is desperately, exasperatingly difficult. Unfortunately, the well-meaning but relatively inexperienced Obama Administration has shown a counter-productive tendency to act out of this frustration rather than careful analysis.

Media Microscope: Housing Crisis

On ABC TV, Anne Barker declared, "The growth of Jewish settlements in east Jerusalem and the West Bank is the biggest obstacle to peace." Apparently the ongoing Palestinian terror and refusal to even talk come somewhere behind the building of houses.

Deconstruction Zone: A job well done

These attacks, while morally justified, tend to contravene the laws of the countries in which the operations are carried out. Those who criticise Israel's apparent disregard for legal niceties in these matters would have Israel sit on its hands while its citizens die left, right and centre. Any Israeli government that did so would be deservedly thrown out of office.

The Last Word: Bigotry’s Facilitators

The existence of bigotry, prejudice and racism is unfortunately far from absent in Australia, but in this instance the shock was that it was disseminated through a body promoting multiculturalism.

Europa Europa: Benign Neglect

Jews straddle the fault line of Europe's engagement with Islam, and the level of antisemitism has become a critical barometer of Europe's fate. So while the fall of the antisemitic taboo is bad news for Jews, it also measures the effect of Europe's loss of certainty in its values, traditions, institutions and identity.

America’s Mideast woes don’t begin and end with Israel

Petraeus conspicuously avoided any hint that the conflict with the Palestinians and recent violent clashes are the result of Israeli policy. He made no mention of Israeli settlements; nor to Israeli building in east Jerusalem.