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Ed: 31: August/2006

Editorial: The Axis of Terror Acts

Israel has once again been dragged into a war it did not want and did not start. Just as was predicted in May's Australia/Israel Review editorial, Iran's rulers have apparently used their control over Hezbollah and influence over Hamas to create a crisis...

On the Border

As the IDF's counter-attacks against Hezbollah's outposts, personnel and materiel entered their third week, it was still difficult to predict how long the skirmishing would last and what its outcome would be.

A New Reality

The Israeli Foreign Minister flicks the hair from her face and leans forward. Israel, says Tzipi Livni, is determined to follow the Gaza withdrawal with a major disengagement from the West Bank.

Force-ful Action

As diplomacy to halt the violence in Lebanon slowly gathers momentum, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has endorsed the idea of an international "stabilisation force" to keep the peace, seconding proposals previously put forward by UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

It’s Academic

The dominant political culture on Australian university campuses brings to mind a scene from the classic movie Casablanca.

The Last Word: March Of Hatred

In recent weeks, Australians have witnessed outbursts of antisemitism, ranging from attacks on synagogues to the use of past Jewish suffering as a tool with which to attack Jews today.