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Veiled Horror: Iran’s headscarf protesters sentenced to decades in prison

It is evident that, both in the UN and most of the world’s media, there is little interest in shining a light, let alone bringing pressure to bear, on Iran over the human rights abuses it inflicts daily on it population in general, and Iranian women in particular.

UN claims on Palestinian women invert the truth

The UN has produced another one of the anti-Israel absurdities for which it has become infamous. On July 23, the UN’s 54-nation Economic and Social Council voted 40-2, with 9 abstentions, to single out Israel as the only state in the world branded as a violator of women’s rights

The Women to Watch

While it is of limited comfort to those advocating for greater gender equality, it is certainly worth noting that Israel is one of a minority of countries in the Middle East where women are actively encouraged to run for political office.

The UN, Iran and Women’s Rights

Iran is a bastion of “gender justice”, according to its Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, and to say otherwise is a Zionist plot. Others might disagree, such as the World Economic Forum, which ranks Iran 142nd out of 149 countries for gender parity.

10 Israeli women you need to know more about

To mark International Women’s Day, we have compiled a list of Israeli women (listed in alphabetical order), who have led the way globally in their area of expertise.

Equality still a mirage for too many women

There were a few double-takes recently when United Arab Emirates Vice President Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum took to social media to congratulate the winners of his country’s gender equality award. Why? All the winners were men.

Australian women’s march rallies set an example for the US

The focus of the Australian Women’s March rallies is something which could inspire the US Women’s March, Inc. which has been embroiled by controversy and infighting.

An ugly reality for Mideast women

Women in the Middle East are among the most subjugated in the world, with one country – Israel – an obvious outlier.