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Hamas’ Global footprint

While Hamas is often discussed solely in the context of its rule over the Gaza strip, it retains a wider regional and even global presence.

Deconstruction Zone: A BDS Lesson from Tunisia

To get a sense of what really lies beneath the campaign to boycott Israel - which is about much more than just boycotting Israel - it can be helpful to see how this issue is presented in the Arab world, and how it plays out there.

Indonesian Democracy comes to Tunisia

Since 2011, Indonesia - home to the largest Muslim community in the world - has been conducting a dialogue on democracy with Egypt and Tunisia. This has largely been triggered by Indonesia's ambition to advance democracy in the Muslim, and especially Arab, states and to prove in the international arena that Islam is compatible with democracy and modernity.

Tunisia’s Islamists win first “Arab Spring” election

On Sunday, October 23, Tunisia held the first democratic elections resulting from this year's regional political upheaval, choosing a new Constituent Assembly with a vaguely defined mandate to govern the country and write a new constitution within a year. With results still coming in at press time, the Islamist Ennahdha (Renaissance) Party - currently led by longtime exiled opposition figure Rachid Ghannouchi, though he has pledged to retire soon - will clearly be the largest faction in the legislature, winning 40 percent or more of the new assembly's seats.