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Hamas’ Global footprint

While Hamas is often discussed solely in the context of its rule over the Gaza strip, it retains a wider regional and even global presence.

Three decades of terror, racism and genocide come to an end...

The overthrow of Bashir in Sudan, and Algeria’s Bouteflika shortly before him, is being framed as part of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings throughout the Middle East and North Africa. We can only hope they end better this time than they did in 2011.

Old Sudanese habits live on despite peace accord

The nascent State of South Sudan was not given much of a chance. It declared independence only nine months ago -- in what was hoped to be the end of a brutal, decades-long civil war. Nevertheless, the Sudanese regime seem intent on keeping the conflict going in perpetuity.

As the Sudan Tribune has been reporting, the regime in Khartoum has recently ramped-up its indiscriminate aerial bombardment of a contested border region and has been supporting...