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Palestinians hint at negotiations as Israel mulls extending sovereignty to parts...

Just weeks since Israel formed its first fully functioning government in a year and half, it is approaching its first big decision regarding the extension of Israeli sovereignty and/or law to the Jordan Valley and some or all of its settlements in the West Bank

Settlements growth decreases, but not in the eyes of Peace Now,...

If the headline to this blog post looks familiar, it is because it is. A little over a year ago, I blogged about how the Associated Press reported an increase in construction in Israel's West Bank settlements when housing starts had actually dropped.

Some questions need to be asked about recent “Q&A” episode

The fact is that Ms Zandberg is on the far left of Israeli politics. She is even less representative of the Israeli mainstream than a member of the Australian Greens would be of the political mainstream in this country.

Ehud Ya’ari on Israeli settlements

With its decision to declare Israeli settlements in the West Bank legal, the US is saying to the Palestinians that the longer they wait to return to negotiations with Israel, the more costly it will be for them. Watch veteran Israel broadcaster and analyst Ehud Ya'ari's full remarks.