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Power Struggles: Energy Wars in the Middle East – Simon Henderson

Simon Henderson is the Baker fellow and director of the Bernstein Program on Gulf and Energy Policy at The Washington Institute, specialising in energy matters and the conservative Arab states of the Persian Gulf. He spoke direct from Washington to an AIJAC webinar on 21 July 2020.

“Disappearing Palestine” – the Maps that Lie

Appearing regularly in pro-Palestinian books, articles, social media and websites here and overseas - and even in mainstream media - is a series of maps purporting to show the gradual Palestinian dispossession of their land at the hands of the Jews/Israelis. Their problem is that this series of maps is riddled with misrepresentations and omissions...

Al-Jazeera’s Muslim Brotherhood links exposed

This snapshot of assorted Al Jazeera offerings from just the past couple of months gives a good idea how endemic antisemitic, anti-Israel and other extremist views are to its programming.

Al Jazeera shows its true colours in coverage of the Trump...

No one who has followed for any time the Qatari government-controlled media organisation Al Jazeera should be deluded by its boast to offer “incisive analysis” and “stories … built on a foundation of honesty, fairness, balance, independence, and diversity” - yet too many seem inclined to buy the network’s spin about itself.

Hamas’ Global footprint

While Hamas is often discussed solely in the context of its rule over the Gaza strip, it retains a wider regional and even global presence.

Essay: The Qatar-Qaradawi nexus

The recent decision by several Arab States to designate a number of Qatari-hosted Islamists as terrorist entities has once again raised the issue of Qatari support for both violent and non-violent Islamists.

Behind the News – March 2019

Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, together with the PA Cabinet’s other ministers, collectively resigned. The resignations came two days after the Fatah Central Committee recommended the formation of a government made up of representatives of factions in the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) and independent personalities, leaving out Hamas

Behind the News – December 2018

Over Nov. 13-14, Hamas and other terror groups fired at least 460 rockets and mortar shells at Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip