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Political Crisis in Lebanon/ The case for “Jihadism”

As readers may be aware, Lebanon has had no president since last week. The term of the last president, pro-Syrian Emile Lahoud, ended on Nov. 23. However, no successor has been elected because of a stand-off between the pro-Syrian opposition, led by Hezbollah, and the anti-Syrian government, led by PM Fouad Sinora and Saad Hariri, son of assassinated former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Annapolis Blues/ Lebanon’s Political Crisis

This Update focuses again on the meeting on Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking planned for Annapolis sometime soon.

Lebanon’s Government by Murder

Forty Lebanese members of parliament belonging to the pro-Western, anti-Syrian March 14 majority bloc currently reside in Tower 3 at Beiruts Phoenicia Intercontinental Hotel... But the lawmakers are not guests; they are prisoners.

Hezbollah and Lebanon Updates

This Update features three pieces on the state of Hezbollah efforts within Lebanon to prepare militarily for another round of conflict with Israel, and politically, to gain control of the Lebanese government.

Syrian and Lebanese Realities/The Perils of “Peace Processing”

This Update leads with articles analysing the issue of Syria's relationship with Lebanon, and especially the Fatah-al-Islam group sparking violence, as well as wider Syrian foreign policy.

Lebanon and Syria: Opportunities, Realities and Double Standards

This Update concentrates on analysis of recent developments in Lebanon that entangle Syria, Lebanon's past overlord which still maintains ambitions to renew its direct dominance.

Lebanon and Gaza

This Update contains articles on both the conflict between the Lebanese army and the Fatah al-Islam terror group in northern Lebanon, and the ongoing fighting in Gaza.

Lebanon Crisis Re-ignites/ Aid to the Palestinians

This Update is devoted primarily to the crisis in Lebanon on Tuesday, when Hezbollah and its allies launched a general strike in an effort to overthrow the anti-Syrian Siniora government...

Scribblings: Pictures do lie

One of the eye-opening outcomes of the Lebanon conflict was the degree of exposure of dubious practices in photojournalism that it led to.