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Israel’s “Operation Northern Shield” against Hezbollah’s cross-border tunnels

Update from AIJAC Update 12/18 #01 This Update focuses on Israel's Operation "Northern Shield", announced on Tuesday, which is designed to find tunnels dug by Hezbollah...

Fast Facts: Israel’s “Operation Northern Shield” to destroy Hezbollah tunnels from...

On Tuesday December 4, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) announced the launch of “Operation Northern Shield” to expose and neutralise cross-border attack tunnels dug by the Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah from Lebanon into Israel.

Latest revelations on Iranian nuclear warehouse and archives

This Update is devoted to some new revelations about both the Iranian nuclear archives - captured by Israel earlier this year and revealed publicly on April 30 - and about an alleged Iranian nuclear storage warehouse revealed by Israeli PM Netanyahu on Sept. 27. It also features a report on concerns in Israel that Iran is preparing to escalate violence along Israel's northern border with Syria and Lebanon.

ABC gets Lebanon border wall story completely backwards

Turning a story about Israeli defensive measures against organisations sworn to its destruction and a complex issue like Ghajar into a story principally about alleged Israeli aggression and occupation – without speaking to a single Israeli -  is sadly all too typical of much recent Middle Eastern coverage by the ABC.

Hezbollah’s health kick

Even as it yields sovereign portfolios to other parties, Hezbollah seems intent on directly controlling a key service portfolio itself: the Ministry of Public Health.

Scribblings: Look who else is worried about UNRWA

UNRWA does provide valuable health, education and welfare services to Palestinians who are often in genuine need. But it does so at the cost of a series of problematic behaviours which have become a significant obstacle to any two-state Israeli-Palestinian peace.

Deconstruction Zone: Lebanon’s Destabilising Fiction

If I were compiling a foreign policy wish list for 2018, high on the list would be ending the fiction that Lebanon is an independent country rather than an Iranian satrapy governed by Iran's foreign legion, Hezbollah.

Banning Hezbollah in its entirety debated in UK Parliament

On January 25, members of the UK Parliament supported a non-binding resolution in the House of Commons to proscribe all of Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation under UK terrorism legislation. Currently, in the UK only the military wing is defined as a terrorist organisation.

Crisis in Lebanon

Just what transpired when the 47-year-old Hariri arrived in Riyadh is unclear, but circumstantial evidence suggests the resignation was not his idea and its text was written by someone else.

Lebanon finally gets a new President

Aoun has long been a controversial figure in Lebanon. Once the country's most anti-Syrian political figure, since 2005 he has been aligned with the Assad regime and its principal ally in Lebanon, the Iranian-backed Shi'ite militia Hezbollah... While many welcome the potential end of political stagnation produced by the presidential vacuum, the key question is whether the agreement to elect Aoun also implies increased Iranian control.