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Biblio File: Muslims and Jews – The ‘original grudge’ theory

Sibony argues that the Muslim bears the non-Muslim ‘other’ an “original grudge,” which has coloured Muslim relations with the Jews living among them since the Koran was written in the seventh century. 

Coronavirus and Jews 

During the coronavirus pandemic, conspiracy theories involving Jewish people, including Israelis, have proliferated online.  

The conspiracy disease continues to spread

A recent report by Israeli Students Combatting Antisemitism (ISCA) has been tracking hundreds of antisemitic posts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram in multiple languages that blame the spread of the virus on Jews and Israel

New York measles outbreak the result of anti-Vaxxer propaganda, not Jewish...

It’s important to understand the primary driver of this outbreak is not religious practice and that there is no basis in Jewish law for not getting vaccinated. Rather, this is merely another example of the dangers of the global and conspiratorial “anti-vaxxer” movement.