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India/Israel ties look promising in Modi’s second term

Responsible for improved relations with Israel, India's PM Narendra Modi has just been elected for a second term. Israel should expect continued cooperation, especially in the fields of technology, agriculture, weaponry and counter-terrorism efforts.

Video: Sadanand Dhume on why India changed its relationship with Israel

Sadanand Dhume of the American Enterprise Institute discusses how India came to rethink its relationship with Israel. 

India and Israel: When interests align

Today, as reflected by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's high-profile visit to India in January, and by PM Narendra Modi's visit to Israel last July, the Asian giant that once treated Israel as a diplomatic pariah has made a strategic U-turn.

Netanyahu in India

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has made a historic visit to India to mark the 25th anniversary of the establishment of bilateral relations between the two nations.  During this visit, India and Israel have signed nine agreements including Memorandums of Understanding in the fields of gas, oil, renewable energy and cyber security. In addition, agreements were signed for a joint industrial research and development deal and an update to an aviation agreement, as were agreements in health and space exploration.

How do other countries protect their holy sites?

How do other countries handle security at sensitive holy sites? In Mecca there are more than 5,000 CCTV cameras and over 100,000 people employed to provide security during the annual Hajj. Like Israel, Saudi Arabia faces terrorist threats and has upgraded its security in recent years.

The Match between India and Israel

The recent two-day visit of Narendra Modi to Israel, the first ever by an Indian Prime Minister, has been depicted as heralding a new strategic partnership between New Delhi and Jerusalem. Indeed, simply by taking place at all, it represented an upgrade of the relationship.

Modi in Israel

Narendra Modi made history in the first week of July as the first sitting Indian prime minister to visit Israel. The visit reflects the rapidly growing warm ties between the two democratic nations, as they seek greater cooperation on a range of issues including trade, defence, tourism, agriculture and water technologies.

Indian PM set to make history by visiting Israel

Next week India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make history as the first ever sitting Indian prime minister to visit Israel. The visit marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of full diplomatic relations between Israel and India.

After 25 years, Israeli-Indian relations appear to be coming of age

After nearly a quarter century of diplomatic ties, Israeli-Indian relations have come of age.

Video: Sadanand Dhume on India-Israel relations

US-based Indian writer Sadanand Dhume was interviewed by AIJAC about India-Israel relations and Islamic extremism in Indonesia.

This post also contains links to Mr. Dhume's other media appearances in Australia.